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Do you have a rainy-day fund?

Don’t let life rain on your parade when unexpected expenses arise. The best way to be prepared for these unwelcome bills, is to save in advance by creating a rainy-day fund. Here are some helpful tips to be prepared for any storm. Additionally, keeping a rainy-day fund will also help you build financial discipline.

What is a rainy-day fund?

A rainy-day fund is money reserved to be used when unexpected expenses arise such as, a leaky roof or a car repair. The idea is to use the rainy-day fund for one-off expenses outside of your normal living expenses. By having funds readily available for non-routine bills, you can cover the extra costs without suffering too much hardship.

How to save for a rainy-day fund?

  • Transfer cash monthly: Setting up an automatic transfer that occurs once a month would be a useful tactic to build your rainy-day savings fund.


  • Create a rainy-day fund jar: Just as you would any other savings jar, anytime you have spare change, throw it in a jar. Over time, your savings will build.


  • Reduce your spending: Try trimming your spending and adding that money you would usually spend on unnecessary things, to your rainy-day fund. For example, if you normally buy a coffee every morning or shop for new clothes every month, consider scaling back and instead, place that money in your rainy-day fund.


  • Sell things you don’t need: Declutter and make some extra money on the side while doing it. Selling items like clothes, electronics, furniture, anything that you no longer need or want can be a great way to pocket some extra money for your rainy-day fund.