Digital Payments

Digital Payments Available Now!

Ready for Hawaii FCU’s newest member benefit? Now you can add your Hawaii FCU Visa® credit or debit card to the electronic wallet on your smartphone or smartwatch, adding more convenience and security to all your purchases!

Haven’t used a Digital Wallet yet? Simply take a picture of your card. Verify the account number and expiration date displayed, then enter the three-digit CVC on the back of your card. It’s that easy! Depending on which device you have, Digital Wallet is powered by Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay or Garmin Pay.

What’s special about Digital Payments? Your card information is protected against fraud. Every point-of-sale or in-app purchase you make is identified with a unique “token” or numeric code instead of your account number. It’s the same secure technology used for “tap and pay” credit cards. 

Digital Payments keep you on the move! To use your Digital Wallet, just hold your device near a checkout terminal displaying the contactless “tap and pay” symbol and you’re good to go! Try it today!