Get In On Our Easy Investment Options

We make it simple and stress-free to invest with two popular avenues designed to help you work towards a secure financial future.

Certificate Accounts

If you want a safe, no-risk road to building up your financial profile, Hawaii FCU’s Certificate Accounts are a popular and profitable way to go. Choose your amount and term and watch your balance grow!

Individual Retirement Account (I.R.A.)

Hawaii FCU’s Retirement Account is a smart solution for members who want to start saving for their retirement years. With our competitive rates, the funds you contribute will grow tax-deferred*. Choose from a Traditional IRA, where contributions may be tax-deductible*, or a Roth IRA, where you may be able to withdraw funds tax-free*. We also offer an Education IRA to help you save for future educational expenses for you or your children.

*Please consult with your tax preparer regarding any potential tax benefits