Get In On Our Easy Investment Options

We make it simple and stress-free to invest with two popular avenues designed to help you work towards a secure financial future.

Certificate Accounts

If you want a safe, no-risk road to building up your financial profile, Hawaii FCU’s Certificate Accounts are a popular and profitable way to go. Choose your amount and term and watch your balance grow!

High Earning Certificate of Deposit

How to Open?

1. Call. Reach out to the Member Service at (808) 847-1371, option 4.
2. Amount. How much are you thinking of placing in the Certificate?
3. Let us know how long you want to invest your money.
4. Funds. Is the fund drawn from another financial institution or just need to transfer from a HFCU account?
5. Sign. Visit the branch to sign the documents.

And you are all set.

Individual Retirement Account (I.R.A.)

Hawaii FCU’s Retirement Account is a smart solution for members who want to start saving for their retirement years. With our competitive rates, the funds you contribute will grow tax-deferred*. Choose from a Traditional IRA, where contributions may be tax-deductible*, or a Roth IRA, where you may be able to withdraw funds tax-free*. We also offer an Education IRA to help you save for future educational expenses for you or your children.

*Please consult with your tax preparer regarding any potential tax benefits