Save Smarter with Hawaii FCU Savings Options

Saving for a rainy day isn’t just a smart financial strategy, it’s a necessity in today’s world where unexpected expenses can pop up and shake your budget. That’s why Hawaii Federal Credit Union makes it easy to build funds with savings accounts tailored to your lifestyle.

Membership Savings Account

Hawaii FCU’s reliable Membership Savings Account is a great option for members who want to save at their own pace, with a low minimum balance requirement. Once you open a Membership Savings Account with a deposit of $30 or more, you’re eligible for the full range of our products and services, too.

Preferred Management Account

If you’d like the opportunity to earn more with your savings and are able to maintain a minimum balance of $500, the Preferred Management Account is a helpful tool to achieve your goals. Also known as a Money Market Account, this option features money market rates with tiered dividends that are paid directly to your account on a monthly basis.

Kid’s Savings Account

Our Kid’s Savings Account is not only easy to set up, it’s a practical and fun way to help your keiki learn about saving while they watch their funds grow. All you need to get started is a deposit of $5, and your little one can start earning dividends right away.

Holiday Savings Account

The holidays always seem to arrive in hurry each year, and it’s easy to get caught off guard with the many expenses that the season brings. Avoid the potential budget dents of holiday spending by signing up for a Holiday Savings Account to keep you prepared. Build funds all year long, thanks to automatic deposits from your paychecks, and earn dividends along the way for a welcome bonus.