Community Corner

Beware – Fraudulent Text Messages

It was brought to our attention that members of Hawaii FCU as well as non-members received fraudulent notifications on their mobile phones. The message states that their online banking account was locked and has to be reactivated. In order to do so, a bogus link was also provided.

If you receive a phishing text message, what should you do?

  • DO NOT respond. If you suspect a text is from a scammer, DO NOT reply. Replying will confirm your number is active.
  • DO NOT click links in a message. Clicking may infect your mobile device with malware that could copy your stored personal information or financial information.
  • DO block the number. Scammers will send messages using different names and numbers, but blocking will slow them down.
  • DO install spam blocking apps that prevent text frauds.

If you are not sure of the sender even though it says Hawaii FCU, please take time to call us at 808-847-1371 or 808-433-8698. Use your best judgment and always exercise caution.