Banking on the go with Mobile Deposit

Save time and skip the line 

Make secure check deposits from anywhere with your mobile phone in just a few steps:

Allow two business days for your deposit to post to your account. Keep your paper checks until the funds are posted. 

Check the status of your deposit or any previous mobile deposits at any time by logging in on your mobile app and selecting “View mobile deposit history.”

Mobile Deposit is a convenient service we offer our members, adding to a growing list of member benefits you can enjoy at no additional cost.


Is mobile deposit safe? Yes, the information you send us is encrypted for security, and check images are not stored on your phone as an added security measure.

What is the benefit of using mobile deposit? Using mobile deposit saves you time and gas, because you don’t have to drive to a branch and wait in line to make your deposit. Mobile deposits can be completed anywhere and anytime using your smartphone and a secure internet connection.

How long does it take for a mobile deposit to post? You will typically have access to the funds in two business days, which allows time to verify the check.

How long should I keep the check after depositing? Keep the check in a safe place until you have verified that your mobile deposit has posted to your account and the funds are available to you. The check can then be marked “VOID” or  properly discarded.

Can a mobile deposit be declined? Yes, a mobile deposit can be declined for the same reasons as in-person or ATM check deposits, such as checks that are ineligible or non-negotiable, missing endorsements, stale or post-dated, or appears to have been altered. Mobile deposits can also be declined due to poor image quality.

Can a check drawn on a bank in a foreign country be deposited? No, mobile deposit will only accept checks payable in U.S. currency drawn on domestic financial institutions.

Is it faster to do an in-person deposit or mobile deposit? It typically takes the same amount of time for deposits to be verified and posted.

Are there limits for Mobile Deposit? For mobile deposit limits, please call Member Service at (808) 847-1371 and press option 3.