2020 Workshops

Workshops are held at Hawaii Federal Credit Union from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. Doors open at 9:00 am. If you are interested in attending any of the upcoming workshops or would like to schedule a one-on-one session with one of our certified financial counselors, please call us at (808) 441-4285.

At this time, all workshops have been postponed until further notice. Please check back later. Thank you.

Basic Habits to Help Your Money Grow

At some point in life, everyone stops to consider what could be holding them back from getting ahead financially. Realistically, the odds of winning the lottery are just too astronomical! Don’t spend time wishing and hoping your financial life will change. Place more of your focus on managing your finances and develop the following habits that promote growth of your hard-earned dollars.

  1. Be conscious of your spending. If you’re coming up short on funds at the end of the month, get a handle on where your money is going. Take the time to track ALL of your spending. Set up a spreadsheet or use an app like Mint that will make it easier for you. Paying for daily lattes and lunches can add up. Drop or reduce subscription services. Address needs first and take control of wants or nice-to-have expenses!
  2. Automate your bill payments. Paying your bills through automated online bill payments will help you avoid late fees and added finance charges. Frequent late payments also can affect your credit score, which could result in your having to pay higher interest rates on loans. Avoid fees by keeping an adequate balance in the account you use to pay your bills. Don’t let fees and finance charges become an added and unnecessary expense!
  3. Pay down and manage your debt. The average American household has $15,000 in credit card debt at interest rates ranging from15% to 29%. Make sure you pay more than the minimum each month to pay off your balance sooner while reducing the overall interest you’ll pay. After paying off your credit cards, make a pledge to yourself to wait on purchases until you can pay for them in full when the statement comes. Waiting could give you time to find even better deals!
  4. Save for your retirement. Time flies when you have so many obligations in life, so retirement is really not as far away as you think. Contribute to your employer’s 401k or retirement fund. Take advantage of any employer match that is offered – it’s “free money” so take it! Traditional and Roth IRAs are also good vehicles to help you lock money away for the future. If you want to be financially secure in your golden years, don’t overlook this important money habit!
  5. Create an automatic savings plan. Make sure to pay yourself every month, no matter what. Your savings are the foundation of your financial security. You should set a goal of having: an Emergency Fund containing at least six months of your wages for any unforeseen event; a college fund for your children’s educational future; a vacation fund to add family memories; and a holiday fund to share the joy of the season with loved one. All good reasons to save!

Remember, you give power to what you focus on. So, focus on your money habits and financial management skills and give power to your ability to grow your funds and financial well-being. Just know that it is a lifelong journey – one that you can get started on today!

Free Tax Prep for Qualifying Taxpayers

It’s Tax Time! Do you or someone you know need assistance with tax returns? Hawaii Federal Credit Union will once again be participating in the Internal Revenue Service’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, offering free basic federal and state tax return preparation and e-filing for qualifying taxpayers.

VITA services are free to people with:

  • Household income of $59,000 or less;
  • Have disabilities; and
  • Have English-speaking limitations.

Our IRS-certified volunteers are trained and certified to help you from February 1, 2023 – April 7, 2023 (except February 20 and March 18 & 27). First come, first serve. Call (808) 441-4285 to schedule your appointment today!




Warning: Fraudulent Text Messages Alert

It was brought to our attention that some members and non-members received fraudulent SMS notifications or “Smishing” texts on their mobile phones. Smishing, combines the words “SMS” and “phishing”, refers to the illegal practice of sending text messages to trick a victim to reveal confidential information.

Mobile users received what looks like a notification of suspicious activity coming from hawaiifcu@txt-alerts.org. A link to restore the restricted account is provided.

What to do if you receive a fraudulent SMS

  • If you do not recognize the sender, DO NOT open. NEVER click on links from an unknown sender. Clicking may infect your mobile device with malware that could copy all your stored personal information.
  • If you do recognize the sender, call the sender, and ask if they meant to send an SMS (text message).
  • Block the number, this will slow down scammers.

If you are unsure of the sender even though it says, Hawaii FCU, please call us at 808-847-1371 or 800-433-8698. Please always exercise caution.

We are here for you!

Tax season has drawn to a close and we hope you were able to file your income tax return at the lowest possible cost to you. Did you know that Hawaii Federal Credit Union is an IRS participating Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site providing free tax preparation services to the community? If you were not able to take advantage of this service for tax year 2021, you might want to check back with the credit union in filing your income tax for year 2022.

Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to straighten out your finances or your financial situation. Did you know that it is never too late to start a savings account, nor it is too late to learn to control your expenses? Hawaii Federal Credit Union can help you. We have Certified Financial Counselors on staff that can work with you in improving your financial wellbeing. Call us today for your appointment to talk with one of our Certified Financial Counselors at (808) 847-1371. We are here for you!

Beware of IRS Scams!

The IRS and Social Security Administration warn that they do not initiate random contact by phone, text or email. All legitimate communication is typically done by U.S. mail. The IRS has reported the following fraudulent activities:

  • Someone posing as an IRS agent over the phone demanding payment by prepaid debit card, gift card or wire transfer.
  • Calls about a tax refund being recalculated that requires filling out a form.
  • Pre-recorded, urgent or threatening phone messages claiming an arrest warrant will be issued unless a return call is received.
  • Fake caller ID numbers that say they are coming from the IRS, law enforcement or government offices.
  • Emails with links that say you can view the details of your tax refund or tax transcript.
  • Bogus text messages regarding a tax bill or refund.
  • Unsolicited email appearing to be from the IRS or an IRS-related program seeking personal or financial information, or leading to a bogus website.

Hang up! Don’t click on links or respond! Keep yourself and your personal information safe!